Monday, November 14, 2005

New Company..Still a Trainee..

I and my co-trainees just had a final assesment last Friday for the induction training in Sutherland Global Services.This morning was our first day for the product training for PayPal. This day was more exciting than our induction training. We were just sitting and listening to the trainer for 8 hours..Luckily we had 2 15minute breaks and 1 30minute break.. We were like BUM inside the training room for 2 weeks! The product training is a lot more fun because we have games and a lot of interactions plus, we get to use their hitech PCs! I don't fall asleep in the middle of discussion anymore. Though I still have the same shift,6am-230pm.

When I was still with my former company, I told myself that I want to be a trainer someday because I don't want to do calls for the rest of my life and one thing also, my Dad said CSR is not a profession. Actually, I was inspired by my young trainer in Eastwood. He was only 27 years old, no degree but he's one of the top trainers. He speaks as if he knows everything.. While listening to him, thinking that were almost the same with having no degree,.. I told myself, "If he can do it, why can't I?".. My new trainer now said that they will be a lot of opportunity to us since the company just started.. all we have to do is apply if there's an available higher positions.. I'm so excited and I can't wait! Especially when I heard how much a mentor recieves every month! Gosh! I can't hardly wait! I just hope that God will give me the will..

Hoping for more fun and success in my career path :D

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Just got Hired..but Might move..

My husband doesn't really agree with me in working at Eastwood cause he said that it's too far from home.. He's worried if ever late na ko umuwi..

After several days of arguments, I've finally decided to quit my job at Eastwood. Eventhough I really enjoy working there. Tell me if this is a coincidence or a miracle. Last friday, someone called me inviting me for an interview. I was shocked when he told me that it's for a call center in Alabang and they'll pay me more than i get paid on my current job! kinonfirm ko na rin na I only accoplished 2 semesters and he told me that it's perfectly fine cause they even accept high school graduates. It will only depend on my abilities! OMG! WOW! Hindi na ko nagdalawang isip! I told the guy that I'm interested. So, we had a phone interview and he scheduled me for another one tom! He also told me that if I pass the exams, they will let me know on the same day. Isn't that exciting?? Less pagod.. Cause I don't have to go there or call them to follow up my application..

I just hope this job is for me.. Thank you Lord.. Wish me luck! :)

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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Gosh... I thought I lost na my blog.. I was surprised to see na it's still working..heehee

I've been very busy looking for a job in Alabang and Makati. Too bad all of them are strict with their minimum requirement, which is you have atleast finished two years in college. I only finished 1st year.. I felt really frustrated.. 'Till I heard there's an opening on this call center company in Eastwood for a customer service representative. I still tried.. On my 2nd interview, the HR asked me how many semesters did I accomplish, when I said two, I thought I'm going to hear again this "minimum requirement" thing.. She goes, "You know, our minimum requirement is atleast you have finished two years in college.. But we'll still continue the process and let's see what you can do." Wow! kung hindi lang nakakahiya, magtatatalon ako sa tuwa! Anyway, I took all the tests on the same day (3 wrtten, 7 hands-on, and 1 call simulation), and as I promised myself, I will never fail and I passed! Signed the contract before I left :) I was so happy.. It's now our 3rd week sa training.

two days ago, we had this role playing in which our trainer will act as a card member of American Express credit card and we the trainees will do our job. We do this individually. I was so happy during my call. After the call, my trainer gave me the best compliment you'll ever expect! He told me, "Magaling ka naman pala eh! May potential ka" :) :) :) yan lang naging reaction ko and nagtatatalon ako! hahaha! Para akong bata!

One week to go and we'll start na our OJT. As in were going to answer na live calls from a real cardmember. I just hope everything goes well..

Oh, for additional info, this is my first job :)

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Saturday, July 16, 2005


Gosh! Two weeks na pala akong hindi nagbblog?? When I was thinking of a title for my post, I saw my last post..July 01! Tsk! Tagal ko palang nagpakatamad.. hahaha! Anyway, Let me share what I have been up to kahit na tatamad-tamad ako..heehee..

Thursday July 07, 2005Had dinner with Judith at ATC. Then, went to SBC at Festival to meet some of her friends from the church. I joined their short bible study. It was fun cause we were like making chikahan lang. I used to attend bible studies before and I find it so boring. Maybe because I was young pa that time. But this one's different. The ladies were just about my age (a lil bit old lang). So it was really easy for me to talk to them and express my thoughts and opinions. New found friends! Yipee! Anyway, most of the ladies are already married. The husbands have their own group also. Sila naman sa Starbucks. :) Judith didn't tell me anything about it. Sayang my hany wants to go with us pa naman. When I got home. I told hany everything. I asked him if he wants to go with me cause every Thursday yun and he said yes.

Natutuwa ako kay hany, before kase, super hirap niyang yayain mag attend ng mass every Sunday. Super dami niyang excuses! Kesyo, masakit ang ulo, don't feel well, etc. Lately, nagtatampo na siya pag di ko siya sinama mag mass. Tapos he's willing to attend pa the bible study. :) Thank God. I've been praying about that for so long..

Friday July 08, 2005Went to manila. My sister texted me. She has a problem daw. Nagmamadali ako pumunta ng manila para di masayang oras. When I was on the road, I was wishing sana ako nalang. I don't want her to suffer..(..tears..)

Saturday July 09, 2005The special day for us.Our First year wedding anniversary. We went first to my friend's house cause it's his son's binyag. Ninang ako, we weren't able to attend the ceremony cause nagpacar wash pa si hany. Super bagal daw.. Buti nalang ok lang sa friend ko. We spent the rest of the day there singing, chatting and eating. Went home 6pm. Took a shower and changed outfits :D. We had dinner at Leslie's, Tagaytay. The dinner wasn't romantic cause we weren't able to dine at their nipa huts. Nagrain kase that night kaya sa nipa huts were still wet when we arrived.. Sayang.. After eating, we took pictures of ourselves. Hany feels like his a professional photographer and I feel like I'm a pro model!haha! The pictures are few lang kase low batt na yung cam.. We ordered two glasses of wine at a resto/bar before goin home. Eventhough the date wasn't that perfect, I can still say that I was so happy that night. I didn't want it to end..

click here for pics

Sunday July 10, 2005Attend mass alone. Wala kase yung helper namin, so si Hany nagbantay sa shop. The priest said sa sermon, "kahit na paulit -ulit ang nagyayari in our daily routine, God always has a message for us". Think about it..... Me, I believe, how about you?

Thursday July 14, 2005Meet again my new friends at SBC. This time, my SIL was with me. She's having problems kase with her hubby(hany's eldest brother) for a couple of months na. I've been encouraging her to hear mass and ask for God's help but as expected, ayaw niya. But when I texted her that I'll be having a bible study and it will only last for 1 hour, I was surprised with her reply. She said that she realized that it's time to hear again the God's word, so she will know what she should do. Awwww... I was so happy when I got that message. I'm such a good influence.. Heehee..
Guess what? God really wants to talk to my SIL. The topic was all about FAMILY&MARRIAGE. God says that we can make our family the way we want it to be and we should never loose hope, hope that we can make our marriage last. When you put God in the center of you marriage, nothing is impossible.
Nakakatuwa cause ang ganda ng topic. Super related siya sa problems ng SIL ko. Happy rin ako cause Mai gave me a bible, like as what she had promised me last week and she even gave my SIL too! Bait niya.. I'm now reading it before I sleep..

Friday July 15, 2005Accompanied my SIL to ATC. She feels so depressed kase.. Haaayyy.. Nagpagod lang kaming dalawa.. Treat niya ako ng merienda and we just stroll around. Pero there's something different about her, she keeps on asking kung meron ba kong nagugustuhan when I was looking at the tops which is on sale. Ibibili niya ko!.. Hmmmmm.. Parang masarap siyang kasama pag depressed ah... Hahaha!
I passed by at powerbooks to get my powercard. There's something different with my name. Yun pala mali yung nalagay ko na middle intial! I used my mom's maiden parin instead of my dad's surname na kase I'm married na, diba? Buti nalang it's not a valid id :D Heehee..

Bought my hany shawarma. He's been carving for that for ages na. Super nasarapan siya, so kahit na may nakakain na siyang medyo matigas, he didn't bother. Then, nung tinignan niya yung shawarma, yung wrapper na paper pala yung nakakain niya na matigas! Hahaha!

Saturday July 16, 2005Picked up my daughter and meet my Mom and Tito Rene at Greenhills. Just stroll around. Mama bought me and my baby a watch. Super ngarag na kase yung fake ko na rolex. Ayaw na niyang umandar! Hehe!
Mama and Tito Rene left around 4pm, cause Tito Rene has an appointment with a client na binebentahan niya ng 45M house&lot. If ever maclose na yung deal, he'll get 1% of the value. Sana maclose niya.. So I can buy na yung totoong rolex! Haha! Just kidding.. Oh! Don't be confused! Tito Rene is still works at Fitness First. Yung 45M na house&lot that he's selling is sideline lang.. ;)
It was too early pa to go home. So me and my baby make ikot pa sa tiangge. But my eyes.. Grabeh! Super dameng magaganda and cheap na clothes. Major temptation talga sa kin ang tiangge! Kaya after an hour, I told my baby na uwi na kame cause mauubos na pera ni Mommy.. Heehee..
Time flies talaga.. Uwian nanaman.. Parang sandali ko palang nakakasama ang baby ko.. I have a question to my readers. Possible ba namademanda ang mother ng kidnapping? No court hearings yet and wala pang napagkakasunduan sa court.
By the way, pumipick up na ulit ang sales namin! Yipee! Praise God! Kaso parang bibigay na yung isang harddisk ng server..tsk! Gastos nanaman! Buti nalang maabilidad ang aking Hany at nagagawan pa niya ng paraan! ;) Pero sana magtuloy-tuloy na ang pagpick-up ng sales..
Ok na daw ang sila ng SIL ko and her hubby.. Nagdate na nga sila last night.. Hope tuloy-tuloy na! How come ang mga boys, guys, men, hubbys, pag hindi nila nakita sayo ang gusto nila, hahanapin nila sa iba?? Well, sa pinagusapan last Thursday, if we want changes, it should start from us, WIVES. We should be more closer to God.
Invited 2 of my hubby's friends sa house para sana magkakwentuhan sila and syempre,inuman.. But when my hany and Jem picked up Jam, nagsama pa si Jam ng girl. Nabadtrip din si hany, he doesnt want to bring girls inside our house. Same here. Pero nagyaya si Jam na mag videoke nalang. I thought it was a plain bar. When we entered the place, Gosh! May mga ladies na nagtayuan wearing the same outfits na super iiksi! Pero wala namang floorshow. GRO & VIDEOKE lang. When we got inside the bar, only one table is occupied. Medyo late na din kase. Buti nalang. Hay naku, kung childish ako, I must've left the place right away. Ayoko lang sirain yung night ng hany ko. But my hany apologized naman when we got home and he said thank you also. Sabi ko nga nga eh," anung thank you thank you?? May kapalit yun noh!" Heehee..

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Friday, July 01, 2005

Watched It, At Last!

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We've been palnning to watch this movie since Tuesday. But when we checked the lfs time, hindi na kami aabot. Ang babagal pa kasi kumilos ng mga kasama ko!

Wednesday, we're suppose to live by 10pm. But ang tagal mag out ng mga cutomer. So, 10:30pm kami nakaalis. Gosh! Eh 10:40 ang lfs! Ok.. We tried parin.. But too bad.. We we're 10 mins late! Arggghhhh! Kainis! Kaya we went to Starbucks nalang to satisty yung kasabikan namin sa movie.

Thursday, Yesterday, At last. Napanood din namin ng hany ko. Kami nalang 2 nagwatch. It was really a must see movie! Nice effects! Nafeel talaga namin ni Hany yung movie. Sa sobrang suspense niya, I was squeezing his arm na pala! heehee! You should watch it!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Been A Long Time..

It's Been a long time since my last post. Wala ako sa mood mag blog. Anyway, Yesterday, I went to Eastwood. Nagpass lang ng resume. Sa panahon nagyon, we have to be practical. Hindi na pwede yung "Ang lalake ang magttrabaho at Ang babae sa bahay lang". And besides mas maganda nga if we help each other dibah? Oh well, I just hope magrepond yung company soon..

It's been a long time na rin since me and my Hany wen to Petron, SLEX. Nasa mood si Hany last night. Kaya we had coffee sa Starbucks. :D

I'm really bored this past few days. Parang gusto kong lumabas everyday.. Kaso bawal gumastos.. Hina kase ng sales. Hindi pa rin siya nakakpick-up. But we're still thankful dahil nakakasurvive naman.. :)

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Short Updates

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Friday June 17, 2005Went to Glorietta and meet Ate May Dudang's sister). Got my book back and my pasalubong from Dudang which she bought from Bali. Touch ako kase kahit na she lives miles away, she still buys me pasalubong :D.

Saturday June 18, 2005Picked up may daughter and we stayed at mama's place. She played with my brother the whole day and we watched Garfield and White Chicks in dvd. She was so amazed with those 2 gays in White Chicks! Kakatuwa..

Sunday June 19, 2005Stayed at the shop the whole day. I helped my hany sa pag format ng mga computers namin. But we weren't able to finish it cause we're both tired and sleepy na. Damn virus! Ilang araw mahina sales cause hindi makatagal yung mga customers! Nagccountdown restart kase!

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